17th Street Concrete Work on April 1 - Drive Accordingly

17th Street Concrete Work on April 1 – Drive Accordingly

Written by on March 30, 2021

Winter weather has delayed the massive concrete pour planned on 17th Street, with the new pour and related traffic delays now planned for Thursday, April 1.

Once again, the weather is delaying the massive concrete pour down 17th Street Hill.

Winter weather has forced the rescheduling of the large downhill concrete pour planned on the Greybull Hill. WYDOT and S&S Builders of Gillette announced the delay Monday morning.

Dry weather with a minimum temperature of 40°F and winds less than 20 mph are required for the concrete to be poured and set correctly. Monday saw morning snow, a high of 36°F, and winds as high as 63 mph.

The new date for the Sheridan Avenue concrete pour is Thursday, April 1.

2021 has been difficult for construction crews and their schedule, with numerous weather-related delays.

The original plan was to begin Phase 3 of the Sheridan Avenue rehabilitation project on February 16. Construction didn’t start until March 1.

Now, the concrete pour has been rescheduled twice due to precipitation and cold snaps. Fifty trucks and 500 cubic yards of concrete are on standby until later this week.

When the pour commences, one-way traffic with flaggers will be utilized around the work zone. Drivers can anticipate delays Thursday and Friday.

WYDOT Public Relations Specialist Cody Beers recommends Cody’s drivers seek alternative routes – Heart Mountain Street and South Fork Avenue – during the concrete placement. Avoiding the hill will reduce their waiting time and lessen traffic in the work zone.

Until then, work continues. Concrete slab replacement, curb and gutter, double gutter, sidewalk, and A.D.A. upgrades from Central Avenue to Alger Avenue on the west half of 17th Street will continue, regardless of concrete.

S&S Builders will also replace damaged sidewalks and curb and gutter at several locations: at the intersections of Sheridan Avenue and 14th Street, 16th Street, and Beck Avenue. Other miscellaneous places will also be replaced.

Traffic control is in place from Central Avenue to Alger Avenue. The west side of the intersection of Stampede Avenue and 17th Street is fully open. The west side of the intersection of Central Avenue and 17th Street is closed. Draw Street is restricted to one lane in each direction. Alger Avenue is fully open. Shoulder closures will be utilized for the repair areas.

Weekly updates continue to be held every Tuesday at 9 a.m. Their new location is the northwest corner of 17th and Central Avenue.

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