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25 Year Old Murder Mystery Solved

Written by on October 31, 2017

In a story fit for Halloween, a twenty five year old mystery has been solved in Thermopolis.
Last Thursday, after 25 years of investigation, the Hot Springs County Sheriff’s Office has finally made a positive identification on a case that has been nicknamed the “Bones Case”. The case originated in 1992, when a skeleton was located in a trunk on private property. It was later determined that the person who had been placed in the trunk had been shot in the head. Many leads were investigated including leads that were brought to the Sheriff’s Office by the hit show Unsolved Mysteries.
On October 19th, a DNA sample was obtained from a woman in Iowa who said that her father had been shot in the head by her uncle some time in 1960 and then was placed in a trunk prior to being buried in Iowa. She said her uncle then dug the trunk back up and took it to Wyoming where he was working, but he left the trunk behind. The uncle later committed suicide in Mississippi.
Last week the Wyoming State Crime Lab determined that the woman who had submitted the DNA sample was indeed a 99.99% match to the bones that had been collected. The bones have now been identified as belonging to Joseph Mulvaney, who was born in 1923.

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