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3 Years Later: The Best Yellowstone Bison Video We’ve Ever Seen? [VIDEO]

Written by on April 1, 2023

Is This the Best Yellowstone Bison Video of All Time?

Just over three years ago, a Baltimore native working as a TV reporter in Montana gave us what might be the best Yellowstone bison video we’ve ever seen.

Considering the droves of clueless tourists that visit Yellowstone National Park each year, that’s really saying something. It’s a given that every tourist season, we see new videos of the poor judgement some people display around the bison in Yellowstone.

Thankfully, most of these incidents don’t result in injuries — just wounded pride and a humbling conversation with a park ranger.

But Deion Broxton’s video — aside from his hilarious, anatopistic reaction — is rather unique. As he was shooting video for a story inside the park, a bison herd began to move in his direction.

Viral Yellowstone Bison Video

“Oh no, oh no, I’m not messing with you,” Broxton said in the now-viral Yellowstone bison video clip, as he quickly walked off-camera and stashed his equipment in his vehicle.

Broxton — an award-winning journalist — wisely and proactively took steps to avoid a confrontation. He set an excellent example of what to do if Yellowstone wildlife approaches you. Hopefully, this year’s incoming visitors are watching and taking notes.

It probably helped that Broxton had been working for an NBC affiliate in Bozeman for some time and had previously covered stories in Yellowstone National Park on numerous occasions — unlike the unfortunate people who make the news in worse ways each year.

Yellowstone National Park was closed on March 25, 2020, due to the coronavirus, but Broxton was there shooting video to go with a phone interview he’d conducted with park leadership.

Broxton now works as a reporter for KMOV in St. Louis, Missouri.

Please, Be More Like Deion

Yellowstone is a stunning place to visit, and visitors enjoy epic wildlife viewing experiences each year. However, common sense sometimes isn’t so common, and visitors regularly have unfortunate encounters that result in bruised egos or worse.

Take the time to learn how to safely view wildlife before you visit America’s first national park. That way, you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime without any unpleaseantness.

Follow the park’s rules for safely viewing wildlife:

  • Never approach wildlife. It’s usually best to view animals from inside your car.
  • Never come within 100 yards of a bear or wolf. For all other animals, including elk and bison, maintain a safe distance of at least 25 yards.
  • Never feed wildlife.

Remember, if it feels like you might be a little too close for comfort, you probably are. Better safe than sorry.

If you have any questions or doubts, check out our helpful tips for responsibly visiting Yellowstone National Park.

In the interview clip below, an anchor interviewed Broxton about his viral Yellowstone bison video. If you’re looking for a bit of backstory on the 18-second viral clip that made Broxton famous, this is an informative watch.

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