Adult Chillers Approved for Sale in Worland

Written by on August 21, 2019

Dan Post–store manager for the Worland Maverick–was in attendance at Tuesday’s council meeting to address concerns raised by the council and local law enforcement about Adult Chillers.
At August’s first council meeting–local law enforcement felt the way the cups would be sealed or closed would create an open container issue. Post assured the council that the process of filling and sealing the cups during the sale would ensure no issue would be present moving forward.
The procedure would happen as follows–first the customer would enter the dispensing room–they would present an ID to confirm age–the customer would then select the drink they want–it would be filled–then the container would be heat sealed closed. After heat sealing–the drink wold be placed in a separate bag and sealed–then the customer would go the register–have their ID checked again and then the customer would pay and leave the store with a sealed drink.
The council brought up an issue with the generic foam cups that were shown in a handout given to the council at an earlier date. Post indicated those are test cups and meet the bare minimum standard. Post went on to say that when a requisite number of stores bring in the adult chiller machines–Maverick would then make a flashier cup that would be distinguishable as an alcoholic beverage.
The council–after hearing from Police Chief Gabe Elliott–agreed to approve the sale of adult chillers–with the added caveat that Maverick only begin sales when the new flashier cup is available and that the council can see the cups and approve them before sales begin.

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