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Be Aware of Ice on the South Fork

Written by on February 24, 2020

Keep your eye on the South Fork’s ice.

Park County Sheriff’s Office Division of Homeland Security has advised everyone in the area to note the condition of the ice in the river. There is absolutely no need for concern, says Director of the Division of Homeland Security Jack Tatum. He is keeping a monthly photo record of the spot, particularly near the bridge. This is to ensure that any changes in the ice can be noted and any incidents can hopefully be prevented.

These photos are being viewed by the Office of Homeland Security and Park County Public Works. This will ensure if anything happens, we will know and be aware of potential hazards. Again, there’s absolutely no need for concern at this time. But ice can do some scary, powerful things. These are just preventative measures to give everyone a head-up before a dangerous situation develops.

If you live or travel along the South Fork and notice any ice situations developing, reach out to the Park County Office of Homeland Security.

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