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Bear has BEARy good Snack in Backyard (VIDEO)

Written by on March 23, 2021

Every heard the saying, “do what you gotta do”? This bear laying down in a families backyard like he’s at the spa exemplifies that saying perfectly.

This California family has a pretty interesting story about the bear as well:

“We call him Teddy. When he was a cub his mom brought him through with his two other siblings. Now he’s more of a teenager and stops by from time to time. He was all curled up sleeping hard, then awoke and stretched out on his belly swinging his legs like a child might. We see a fair amount of bears but I’ve never seen them do this. It was too cute.”

Hmmm. Well now you believe me that they are from Cali right? If you name that one funny squirrel that kind of looks demented in the yard that is one thing, but naming a bear? I’d advise against building that relationship as these are wild animals.

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