Bighorn National Forest Campgrounds Open

Written by on May 23, 2019

With the Memorial Day holiday approaching, officials at the Bighorn National Forest say it’s time to officially kick off the summer outdoor recreation season.

Campgrounds currently open include Leigh Creek, Ranger Creek Recreation Area, Shell Creek, North Tongue, and Boulder Park.  If weather permits, Middle Fork, South Fork, Hettinger, Tie Hack, and Owen Creek campgrounds are expected to be open for Memorial Day weekend. Prune Creek Campground is planned to open May 31 and Pine Island Group Site and Loop A of Sitting Bull Campground are planned to open on June 6. 

Campers are reminded to bring their own drinking water, as not all water systems have been tested, and fees are reduced when full services are not provided.

Other Bighorn National Forest campgrounds, trailheads, and picnic areas will open in the next couple weeks as soon as weather and other conditions permit. Officials say the wet conditions may delay access to some facilities.

And they are sharing a few tips that will help visitors stay safe while recreating in the National Forest, such as be prepared to share the forest with wildlife. Bears have emerged from their winter dens and are looking for food, and mothers with young are especially protective. For your safety and to protect wildlife, photograph and watch wildlife from a distance, and keep a clean camp and dogs under control.

Forest officials remind visitors that springtime is when roads and trails are most vulnerable because wet conditions make it easier to damage soils. Travel routes will be open as soon as is safely possible, depending on snowmelt and weather conditions.

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