Boysen Outflow Reduced–Dangerous Conditions Remain

Written by on June 26, 2019

Hot Springs County and Washakie County Emergency Management offices reported yesterday that outflows from Boysen have been reduced from 7000 cfs to 6250 cfs.
An update shared to the Washakie County Emergency Management Facebook page last week warned of the Big Horn River running very high. Riverbanks are very saturated and could easily slough off–keep children and pets far away. If you insist on being on or in the river–make sure you are wearing an approved personal flotation device at all times.
HSCEMC also released its flow update earlier this week–and while the outflow is decreasing–they still suggest extreme caution around and in the river.
Neither the Hot Springs or Washakie County Emergency Management offices have the authority to deny use of the river–but their warnings should be heeded when deciding to enter the water. They remind recreationalists that not being prepared will put you–and others at risk. In addition–do not float alone–leave small children at home–do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs–let someone know your plans of departure and return and lastly they suggest to change your mind and don’t go.

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