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Bridger-Teton Forest Opening to Firewood Collection

Written by on May 6, 2020

There’s another springtime social distancing activity you can indulge in – forestry.

 Bridger-Teton National Forest will begin selling a number of permits relating to forest products, starting May 15th. The primary one will be the selling of firewood permits. Individuals can buy a cord of wood – a standard cord is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high, measuring 128 cubic feet – for a cost of $7 dollars. But there is a minimum five cord purchase per permit. Your permit must be on your person during the wood collection and it is valid for the calendar year. Transplant permits will be available starting May 8th, and post & pole permits will be available, also beginning on May 15th

There are some strict standards when it comes to firewood collection. Permits allow for the harvest of down or standing dead wood only and it is important to use firewood from local sources to prevent the spread of invasive species – an ever-present threat in all our parks and forests. Payments are encouraged to be via credit card for efficiency purposes, as your permit will be mailed by the following business day.

Firewood collection has been a valuable asset to the US Forest Service since its inception. It clears the forest floor of material that could easily ignite, starting or worsening forest fires. Its much better burning in your campfire or stove than in the forest itself.

You can contact any of the Bridger Teton National Forest offices to begin securing your permit.

Contact information for the Bridger-Teton National Forest offices is as follows:

Kemmerer Ranger District – (307) 877-5100

Big Piney Ranger District – (307) 276-5800

Greys River Ranger District – (307) 885-5300

Blackrock Ranger District- (307) 543-3900

Pinedale Ranger District (307) 367-4326

Jackson Ranger District – 307-739-5400

[There are no radio stations in the database]