Cell Phone Coverage Could Increase in Yellowstone

Written by on June 4, 2019

Yellowstone’s Superintendent is open to increasing cell phone coverage in the Park.

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cam Sholley spoke to the Cody Chamber of Commerce in May, and talked about Availability of WiFi in the park.

Sholley talked about some people’s resistance to cell phone towers, compared to an expectation of other for service to be universally available.  He said as long as he’s superintendent at Yellowstone they’ll never put towers in areas that hurt or damage the scenic integrity or resources of the park.

“We’ll make improvements where we can.. If I can put cell towers in places that aren’t damaging to resources and improve connectivity, or a concessioner without damaging resources provide Wi-Fi to visitors and to employees.”

The Yellowstone Park web site shows Cell phone service is currently unavailable in over 50 percent of the park. Coverage is currently provided by five low towers inside the park, servicing Old Faithful, Mammoth, Grant Village, Canyon, and Tower-Roosevelt, as well as along the road corridor between Mammoth and Gardiner, Montana.   Sholley says technology is simply a part of modern society.

“We have people hiking in the back country with GPS devices  lightweight backpacks and Gortex and some of the most sophisticated outdoor gear there is. Is that technology? They’re not there hiking in wool pants and canvas backpacks.  .. so I think we need to synchronize there a little bit.  You’ll see us progress in regard to how we provide those services, and there is no one that wants to damage resources in  the process of doing that.”

You can find a link to where cell phone service is currently available in the park – along with just about everything else you need to know about Yellowstone – at yellowstonepark.com.

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