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CertainTeed To Begin Hauling Gypsum Board Off Plant Site

Written by on August 17, 2020

A grim procession will be seen making its way through Cody.

CertainTeed has released a statement saying that these will soon be removing remnant gypsum board material from the now defunct plant site, as part of their compliance with the States Solid Waste Permit Regulations. Jackson Excavation will begin hauling this non-hazardous, off-spec gypsum board from their plant site to the depleted mine – commonly known as the “Old Pit” area – located on Skyline Road, 2mi south-west of downtown Cody. This is a reclamation of the depleted mine, not a reactivation of it.

In their official statement sent to the City of Cody, CertainTeed clarified several points regarding the hauling. 50 to 60 trucks per day are expected to go through town every day until the entire effort is completed. They’ll be traveling a lower speed than the posted speed limit throughout all residential neighborhoods. The gypsum board being transported is non-hazardous and poses no threat to Cody or its residents. Work will be completed weekdays, 7am-4pm until completion, anticipated to be sometime in October.

This is not to be taken as a sign of life from CertainTeed, but rather part of its closure. In January of 2020 CertainTeed Gypsum stopped the production of drywall products at its Cody, WY plant with all board related operations ending in May 2020. The complete closure of the plant and all functions should cease by the end of the year.

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