Child Sex Abuse Case ends in Mistrial

Written by on April 26, 2019

The Northern Wyoming News reports that the case of the State of Wyoming against Jason Arnold Miller for four counts of first degree sexual abuse of a minor ended in a mistrial Wednesday morning after 43 minutes of testimony.
Wednesday morning, Washakie County Deputy Attorney Anthony Barton called the victim’s mother to the stand to testify. After about 43 minutes of testimony, Washakie County Public Defender Richard Hopkinson requested a sidebar in the jud ge’s chambers. After 28 minutes, counsel and the judge returned to the courtroom where District Court Judge Bobbie D. Overfield called a 15-minute recess that actually lasted 47 minutes, upon which another sidebar was called.
When Overfield and counsel returned, Overfield stated that a mistrial had been requested and granted by the court for evidence being admitted that wasn’t allowed during the victim’s mother’s testimony.

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