Clearly Cody Makes Government Information Accessible to All

“Clearly Cody” Makes Government Information Accessible to All

Written by on May 10, 2021

Transparency is a priority for our local government, which makes the endeavor to give citizens easy access to the information we need and want is Clearly Cody.

As promised, the City of Cody launched its new website on Friday, May 7. Clearly Cody is all about transparency and accountability for local government, particularly when it comes to finances.

The website reads, “the City of Cody is committed to financial transparency and accountability.  In this spirit, we welcome you to our municipal dashboard.  Designed to provide quick and centralized access to City information, it is our goal to make this information meaningful and available to you.”

Announced in Summer 2020, the new website is a community dashboard to provide easier access to several community records. Some of those records include financial documents, council agendas and minutes, and utility billing information.

This information is already accessible to Cody residents. Everything has been available on the City of Cody’s website – if you knew where to look.

Clearly Cody is specifically designed for easier navigation for all concerned and interested citizens.

The website has five sections “keeping government accountable.”

  • Service First – Putting the interests of the community first and making our citizens and visitors a priority.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Ensuring taxpayer and ratepayer funds are properly accounted for and used responsibly and appropriately.
  • Quality of Life – Providing leisure, recreational, and athletic activities to enhance the well-being of our community.
  • Public Safety – Providing professional services to ensure the safety and security of our community.
  • Community Development – Promoting sustainable development and providing efficient and effective local building and planning services.

The Fiscal Responsibility page includes a video on the budget basics of the City of Cody. It details the budgetary process, revenue sources, and how the city’s money is distributed.

There is also a public forum to submit questions to the city about its finances. Previously submitted questions and answers will be publicly (and anonymously) posted for future website visitors to see.

As of Sunday, only the Fiscal Responsibility tab has accessible content. The rest are listed as “coming soon.”

Clearly Cody is directly accessible from the City of Cody’s website.

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