Cody Auction Sells Kanye's Fleet & High School's Hard Work

Cody Auction Sells Kanye’s Fleet & High School’s Hard Work

Written by on November 8, 2021

While the big-ticket items at the current Musser Auction might be Kayne’s vehicle fleet, there’s another Cody item up for bid with a much better goal.

The Cody-based Musser Brothers Auction and Real Estate Company has been making national headlines. Since his recent exodus, Kayne West’s fleet of black-wrapped Ford Raptors, Super Duty’s, and Expeditions are on the lot – for anywhere between $30,000 and $65,000 each.

all of Kanye West’s Cody assets are on the market, signaling the end of his “era” in northwest Wyoming. As of Monday, his Yeezy headquarters at 3202 Big Horn Avenue has sold and the 3,888-acre Monster Lake Ranch – formerly the West Ranch – is listed for $11 million on the D.B.W. Realty website.

Bidding for the vehicles ends on Nov. 23 and they’re already attracting lots of attention – and bids.

Kanye West vehicle auction

Courtesy Musser Bros. Auctions and Real Estate

However, there’s one Cody item up for auction at a much more modest price – and a must better goal.

One item up for auction is a SaltBox Shed – 8′ x 10′ x 8′ tall with 6′ wide door(s.) It includes a vented roof, a base with treated wood, and two removable skids.

This shed was built by the Cody High School Construction Class and Students with Skills U.S.A. Skills U.S.A. is “a partnership of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce” in the nations, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Courtesy Musser Bros. Auction and Real Estate

The shed is being auctioned as a fundraiser – all proceeds from the auction will go back to local Skills U.S.A. students and projects.

The proceeds of the auction will also help fund the Tiny House construction project currently underway.

“This well-built shed is a fundraiser for Cody High School Construction Projects class and Skill USA students. Seller is a 501c3 so purchasing this item could be a tax-deductible donation,” the official catalog description reads.

As of Monday, Nov. 8, the bidding stands at $750. The auction ends on Tuesday, Nov. 23 – the same day as the gavel goes down on Kayne West’s western transportation.

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