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Cody Bronc Football Senior Spotlight

Written by on September 11, 2020

Cody High School will be hosting a Senior appreciation night for the Cody Bronc Football Team. Earlier this week Mac Morey and myself caught up with the Seniors that make up Cody’s Football program. Below you’ll find both video and audio interviews with each player along with a video and audio tribute story.

#52 Brice Stewart, SR, Offensive Guard “I think it’s pretty interesting. We’ve had a not really normal season. So it’s kind of surprising. I didn’t really think we were going to have a senior night sort of thing. Just happy that we have it.”

#1 Cody Phillips, SR, Wing Back/WR/Bandit “It’s going to be different this year, definitely. I think it could help give us energy before the game. We got motivation for the game, we’re playing for something bigger than ourselves.”

#72 Jonas Mickelson, SR, Offense and Defensive Line “Oh it’s great. Cody usually has pretty good pride, you know? And I love helping the school out the best way I can.”

#12 Caleb Pryor, SR, QB/DE “I can remember playing them since 6th grade. So it’ll be good. We know a few guys down there so it’ll be good to take it to them.”

#23 Karsten Stone, SR, WR/DB “I’m just excited to play and be out there with all the people and help out wherever I can.”

#49 Nic Talich, SR, RB/LB “It’s nice playing against guys that you know. I know Rudy personally. We’ve gone to camps together, so that’s kind of cool. They’re going to be tough. We’ve got to bring our best. He’s a real good player and like you said, if we stop him we’re stopping a lot of those guys.”

#32 Keaton Stone, SR, TE/LB “Definitely from our weight room in the summer and camps, it’s just good to celebrate our team, we’ve only been one game, but what we’ve done so far.”

#57 James Brittain, SR “Feels amazing to be back out here. With a group of guys we all know. We all know our strengths and weaknesses really well. Can play to our advantage.”

#4 Devyn Engdahl, SR, WR/FS “It’s really nice. I really like the team. I trust all of them and I know they’ll be there for me when I need them.”

#53 Reese Ward, SR, Offensive Guard “It’s going to be really nice because it’ll get us energetic for the game. We already know we have a tight bond of Seniors and it’s just going to be a good game, hopefully.”

And here’s the Cody Bronc Senior Preview Video once again:




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