Cody Businesses Encouraged to Fill Out Yellowstone Survey

Cody Businesses Encouraged to Fill Out Yellowstone Flooding Survey

Written by on September 15, 2022

The Cody Country Chamber of Commerce encourages businesses to join a study exploring the economic connections between gateway communities and Yellowstone National Park in Summer 2022.

Baylor University and Montana State University are collaborating on a research project to document and understand the infrastructural and economic implications of the 2022 June flooding and Yellowstone National Park closures.

The universities are using a questionnaire to ask questions related to the observations and experiences of gateway communities. Each survey will help researchers determine and understand the extent of this summer’s economic impacts.

Responses will be collected by October 30, 2022.

The purpose of this survey is to understand the economic impacts of the 2022 flooding event on businesses in the gateway communities surrounding the park.

The survey’s primary focus is on understanding the known or potential financial impacts of the park closures on businesses and the entire community. The outcomes of this study should help researchers understand and quantify the park’s benefits and the relationship between gateway community economic success and park operations.

Ideally, the survey responses will help gateway communities “ensure economic resilience to natural disasters in the future.” Any questions or concerns related to the survey and outcomes or desire to learn more about the research can be directed to Dr. Ryan McManamay.

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The survey is open to members and nonmembers of the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce.

Participation in the questionnaire is entirely voluntary. Answers are completely anonymous and will not be shared with anyone outside the research team.

The aggregate results of the questionnaires were summarized among multiple sectors and communities.

Results may be published in a report or scientific article where answers to questions will be summarized across all respondents so that individual responses or respondent identities will not be discernable.

Cody Country Chamber of Commerce members can complete the survey by following this link. Businesses that are not members are also encouraged to participate but asked to complete a separate survey than chamber members.

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