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Cody Car Burglaries On the Rise

Written by on May 21, 2020

You might want to start locking your car.

The Cody Police Department is currently dealing with an increase in vehicle burglaries. Thieves are always looking for easy opportunities to take advantage of people’s security in their community. A successful car theft can take as little as 30 seconds, especially if doors are unlocked and windows are open.

There are a number of simple steps the Cody Police Department recommends you take to avoid vehicle burglaries. Locking your vehicle and making sure the windows are fully closed are the obvious ones.

  • Never leave your vehicle idling and unattended
  • If you have a garage, use it. And lock that door as well
  • Never leave your car keys in a highly visible area
  • Keep your registration with you, rather than leaving it in the glove box . Its an important piece of paperwork to help with any investigation.
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Don’t leave valuable objects, likes phones or other tech, in plain sight inside your vehicle.

If you are a victim of this recent spree in vehicle burglaries, contact the Cody Police Department at (307) 527-8700 .

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