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Cody Filly Volleyball Set for Senior Night

Written by on September 22, 2020

“I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought that I would’ve stopped playing Volleyball but I just felt like it was the best thing for the team, and for myself and for the coaches to just play my part as a manager and help the team that way.”

Prior to the start of the 2020 Volleyball Season Ally Schroeder made one of the biggest selfless acts anyone could make by switching in her uniform to become a manager. Now, with the season in full swing the Fillies sit at 8-2 on the season and tonight Ally and her teammates Brittan Bower and Grace Shaffer will be honored for Senior Night. These three have been instrumental to the Cody Filly Volleyball team all year and in a year that has been so unpredictable it’s only right to honor them now.

“Oh absolutely. Last year we went to play Kelly Walsh the very first game of the season. They had their senior night. I said that is amazing. Do it. Start off the season that way, get it over with, you know all those tears and everything. So I was hoping we could do that and then just under the circumstances it happened. So grateful that they have an opportunity to play and be recognized,” said Head Coach Stephanie Birch.

Ally agrees with her coach and says it will be amazing to be able to have their night.

“For sure. I’m definitely used to having it at the end of the season but now that COVID’s coming I’m glad we’re doing it now so that we get a senior night and it’s not taken from us at any time. Yeah, I’m really excited for it.”

Not only is tonight Senior night but the Fillies welcome their Park County Rival to the gym, Powell, and Brittan Bower says anytime these two teams meet there’s going to be fireworks.

“It’s important to beat Powell for everything and I think it just makes it really fun to compete with them in any of the games. Obviously we want to win but the fans that come to it are usually so much more enthusiastic and just have such a good time with all the cheers and just everything. It’s a fun night.”

Brittan goes on to talk about what the competition is like when the two teams meet on the court.

“Yeah, it seems like even if they don’t have a lot of their best talent, they usually play good against Cody. Everyone’s usually playing a great game, wanting to show up and do their absolute best. Regardless of the talent or who’s on the team, that’s never a game you can count out.”

Grace Shaffer goes on to talk about the relationship between her Brittan and Ally and says their bond is one that will be everlasting.

“Oh my gosh. I love those girls with all my heart. We have a lot of chemistry together because we’ve been playing together since the 7th grade. Just playing with them is so fun because we know how to talk to each other, we know how to uplift each other and it’s even better that we are friends together. That makes life on the court and in school much easier.”

And Grace goes on to talk about their dynamic saying they each lead in different ways which goes a long way.

“Allyson, she’s very good with talking to people and I feel like she’s also kind of a leader but in a different way. Me and Brittan are leaders on the court but then Ally is a leader off the court. She also helps with the younger girls.

The Cody Filly Volleyball team hosts Park County Rival, Powell, tonight for Senior night. All the action gets underway at 6pm.

Coach Birch with one final message before the game.

“If your heart rate doesn’t get up Tuesday night there’s something wrong with you. Being senior night and then of course every time we play Powell is a big deal.”

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