Cody: Kanye's Big Horn Ave Tent Stays Standing - For Now

Cody: Kanye’s Big Horn Ave Tent Stays Standing – For Now

Written by on October 25, 2021

Kanye West’s massive tent on Big Horn Avenue will be removed, but a new owner needs more time to dismantle the relic of the rapper’s short-lived Cody ambitions.

The City of Cody is holding the next meeting of the Planning and Zoning Department on Tuesday, Oct. 26. One of the items on the agenda is the 4,800 tent at 3202 Big Horn Avenue – and how much longer it will remain standing.

Erected in March 2020, the tent was part of a much larger plan by Kanye West and his associates. Psalm Cody Commerical – the L.L.C. established for West’s Cody doings – requested the tent as a temporary facility to stage future enterprise.

But plans changed. In early October, 3202 Big Horn Avenue was listed for sale on the D.B.W. website for $1.29 million. Soon after, the Monster Lake Ranch – formerly the West Ranch – was also listed for sale, ending West’s experiment in northwest Wyoming.

Included in the sale of the Big Horn Avenue property was the massive tent. But it wasn’t and won’t be a permanent fixture.

Yeezy Tent Big Horn Ave

Courtesy City of Cody

The removal of Kanye West’s tent is inevitable – but it might continue to stand for a few more months until it can be permanently removed from Cody.

The Planning and Zoning Board initially permitted the structure to remain in place until Nov. 15, 2021. At that point, the tent would need to be dismantled and removed. Presumably, West would have found a new staging facility by then.

While West may have given up on Cody, the tent’s removal deadline was not. But with the sale of the property imminent, plans may change once again.

On the board’s Tuesday agenda is a potential extension for the tent’s removal at the request of the property’s next owner. If granted, the tent wouldn’t need to be removed until May 15, 2022.

“Although staff had conversations with Psalm Cody Commercial representatives as recently as last month about the future development of the site,” the document reads, “the property has since been listed for sale and is already under contract. An attorney representing the unnamed purchaser has submitted a request for an additional six months to remove the temporary tent. Her letter is attached and clearly outlines the reasoning. Due to the circumstances, a six-month extension does not seem an excessive amount of time to staff.”

The Planning and Zoning agenda reveals the new owner of 3202 Big Horn Avenue: J.C.A Companies of Cody.

J.C.A. Companies offers several services to the oil and gas industry. A partial list of services includes oilfield construction, welding, casing, pick up and laydown services, equipment rental, and logistics.

However, removing Kanye West’s tent might be beyond their services. The Planning and Zoning Board has been informed the same company that installed the structure might need to return to Cody and dismantle it, which will take “time and coordination.”

Six more months, J.C.A. Companies say, is more than enough time for the tent to be removed. Based on this information, the Planning and Zoning Board is expected to approve the extension.

It’s another point in the final chapter of the Ye saga. Ye is the new name of Kanye West, who had it legally changed only a few weeks ago.

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