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Cody Launching “Clearly Cody” for Government Transparency

Written by on July 14, 2020

Cody wants us all to be more aware of its doings – and calling it out when things don’t add up.

As part of an effort for the city government to increase its financial transparency and accountability, they are building Clearly Cody – a community dashboard which will provide easier access to several community records, such as:

  • Financial documents
  • Council agendas and minutes
  • Utility billing information
  • And several other municipal services.

This information is already available on the City of Cody’s website. Clearly Cody is being built as an ease-of-use platform – a single spot where all that information will be consolidated for easier navigation.

But the first step towards easier community oversight on Clearly Cody is hearing what the community wants from Clearly Cody. To achieve this end, the City has step up a quick, simple survey on SurveyMonkey. Its only 5 questions regarding your awareness of existing city services, and what specific information you would like included and consolidated on Clearly Cody. And suggestions are welcome.

To find the link to the Clearly Cody survey, check out the City of Cody’s Facebook page or follow this link directly.

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