Cody Residents Caught with $40k of Meth in Cadillac

Cody Residents Caught with $40k of Meth in Cadillac

Written by on March 30, 2021

Two Cody residents face felony charges and years in prison after they were found in possession of a massive quantity of methamphetamine hidden in their car.

According to the Powell Tribune, Philip Dobbins and Natosha Martin both face felony charges after being arrested by the Cody Police Department.

Initially, Dobbins and Martin were involved in a traffic stop. On March 23, Cody Police Officer Blake Stinson stopped Dobbin’s Cadillac after driving over a shoulder line on Wyo. Highway 120.

A search of the vehicle turned up marijuana in several different forms. It had been purchased as a dispensary in the Denver area. Further searching revealed syringes and a meth pipe.

Dobbins was arrested at the scene for possession of a controlled substance. Martin was allowed to go free, at least for that moment.

A few days later, officers conducted a more thorough search of Dobbin’s Cadillac at the Cody Law Enforcement Center. That’s when they made the big discovery.

Officers found a gallon-sized Ziploc container wrapped in a blanket, hidden behind a loose panel on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Inside was 12.5 ounces of apparent methamphetamine – worth approximately $40,000 on the street.

It is believed the meth was purchased in Denver to be sold in Park County.

Upon discovering the massive amount of meth, Martin was brought into the Cody Law Enforcement Center for questioning. After initially denying any knowledge of the meth in the Cadillac, she admitted to knowing about it and even using some at one point.

Philip Dobbins faces two felony counts of possessing a controlled substance for a third or subsequent time (meth and marijuana), along with a misdemeanor count of driving while under the influence of a controlled substance.

Natosha Martin faces a count of possessing meth with intent to deliver and two counts of possessing a controlled substance for a third or subsequent time (meth and marijuana.)

Both defendants have a history of drug-related offenses. Dobbins, in particular, has multiple felony convictions related to drugs.

They are expected to have court hearings later this week.

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