Cody Residents Encouraged to Attend Big Horn Avenue Meetings

Cody Residents Encouraged to Attend Meetings on the Future of Big Horn Avenue

Written by on October 26, 2022

There is another chance for the Cody community to hear the findings, see the facts, and possibly give their input on permanent solutions to keep pedestrians safe and traffic moving on Big Horn Avenue.

The Canadian company Stantec Inc. is continuing the Big Horn Avenue Corridor Study, commissioned by the City of Cody. Their objective is to recommend the best long-term pedestrian solutions for the 2.2-mile road corridor and the growing business and residential communities being built alongside it.

A pedestrian crossing has been “constructed” at Big Horn Avenue and Freedom Street for Cody Middle School students to safely cross the road. Regardless of any findings or merits, that crossing will be dismantled by Thanksgiving, and the intersection returned to normal.

Stantec Inc.’s findings and recommendations will be published in a report, expected by the end of the year. Any suggestion will permanently change how pedestrians and drivers utilize one of the busiest roads in Cody.

Public information meetings on the Big Horn Avenue Corridor Study will be held on the evening of Wednesday, October 26, at the Cody Middle School (2901 Cougar Avenue).

There are two meetings scheduled this evening. The first meeting session will begin at 5:15 PM, and the second will begin at 6:15 PM. All members of the community are invited and welcome to attend the meeting.

A 2019 traffic study undertaken by W.Y.D.O.T. showed between 6,000 to nearly 12,000 vehicles driving on Big Horn Avenue per day. The highest number of vehicles was counted near the center of Cody.

In addition, there were 65 crashes on the Big Horn Avenue Corridor between 2016 and 2020. Most crashes involved collisions between turning and through traffic.

  • 15 crashes resulted in injury, with one serious injury at Beacon Hill Road
  • Two crashes involved bicycles
  • One recent pedestrian crash was recorded in 2021 involving a Cody Middle School student attempting to cross Big Horn Avenue.

Possible “solutions” to improve pedestrian safety include traffic lights, light-up pedestrian crossings, and redrawing the traffic lines on Big Horn Avenue to change its function and regulations.

More information on the study is available on the Big Horn Avenue Corridor Study website.

Big Horn Avenue Study: New Website & First Public Meetings

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