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Cody Tramples Jackson in State Championship Game 34-13

Written by on November 14, 2020

The Cody Broncs beat the Jackson Broncs in the state title game on Saturday, November 14th by a score of 34-13 in what was a perfect cherry on top to the sweet, sweet season it was for Cody.

Head Coach Matt McFadden spoke about his team earning this and being ready saying, “Its been a great season so far. So proud of the kids. At this point its just about going out and having fun and do what you do… We just need to finish. We have talked about finishing a lot so it’s time to go out and do that… four quarters are gonna go by quick so be ready.”

It was hard to come out ready as it was such a windy day at Spike Vannoy Stadium and its effects were felt immediately with the opening kick off being fumbled by Luke Talich and recovered by the Jackson Broncs.

Jackson looked to be taking advantage of the field position until 1st & goal on the five yard line when the snap sailed over Jacksons running back, Brody Hasenack. With the ball bumbling around the field for what seemed like an eternity, Nic Talich was able to fall on it and secure the ball back for Cody.

After a penalty left Cody’s first offensive drive wavering, facing a 2nd & 14, quarterback Caleb Pryor found a wide open Cody Phillips. Phillips caught it and continued to weave around Jackson defenders for a 60 yard touchdown putting Cody up 7-0 early in the 1st.

Following a few failed possessions from both teams, Hasenack coughed up the football on 1st and 10 and the Cody senior Keaton Stone was able to complete the second turnover for CHS.

Turning defense into offense is what Cody seems to excel at and they didn’t waiver here. Cody Phillips on a five yard run play was able to get his second touchdown on the day making it 14-0 with 1:58 left in the 1st. Nic Talich delivered a great pancake block leading the way.

The offense for Cody hadn’t yet really carved out their own points with the first two touchdowns coming from forced fumbles but that all changed on their fourth possession. A 60 yard drive from the offense was capped off by a Caleb Pryor 1 yard keeper to take the demanding lead of 20-0.

That PAT being blocked wasn’t the most exciting thing to happen on the extra point though as a fight ensued. Jackson player, Carson Heffron punched a Cody player, Brice Stewart, and was ejected as a result.

That frustration from Jackson may have later ended up serving them well as they forced a fumble later in the 2nd quarter on run play from Cody Phillips.

Sadler Smith and the Jackson Broncs were able to drive it down 30 yards to the five for 3rd & goal where things seemed to still not bounce their way. Another high snap fumble would put them in a 4th & goal from the 21 where they wouldn’t be able to convert.

The Cody defense held strong yet again with just over four minutes left in the second.

With time winding down in the first half, coach McFadden called a timeout with just two seconds left at Jacksons 12 yard line. Instead of bringing out Jackson Gail to kick the field goal, McFadden elected to keep the offense out on the field and they delivered with a buzzer beater touchdown. Caleb Pryor rolled around and found Drew Trotter in the end-zone on a float pass to make it 26-0 at the half.

The halftime break seemed to be good for Jackson at least early as their opening drive they were able to drive the ball 74 yards for a touchdown. Smith was 2/6 in the first half and on the opening second half drive went 5/8 and touchdown to Colter Dawson for 11 yards making the score 26-7.

JHS continued to try and teeter the odds on their second drive starting at their 33 and making it all the way to Cody’s 30 yard line until Luke Talich picked off Smith. Talich swooped in like the ball hawk he is and got the ball back for Cody near their own 35 yard line.

Cody had a total of three yards of offense in the whole third quarter.

Jackson was able to keep the Cody Bronc defense on the field driving to start the fourth quarter.

In a 1st & goal situation from the six, Smith found time away from the pass rush and threw it to Dawson to close the gap 13-26, with 10:19 left in the 4th quarter.

Sometimes, to get things back in rhythm, you just need one play to work. On 3rd &9 at their own 10 yard line, Jackson Gail got one to work. A strike from Pryor that hit Drew Trotters hands somehow found its way to Gail for 20 yards keeping the drive alive along with weathering some erupting nerves from the Cody stands.

And on a drive where they started at their own nine yard line and took over eight minutes of clock off, the Cody Broncs sealed the game.

With persistence, tough running, fantastic blocking, and working together, the Cody Broncs eroded Jackson’s timeouts, and handed it off to Drew Trotter for a five yard touchdown extending the lead 34-13 with just 1:48 to go.

After a few hard fought plays from Jackson in an effort to eliminate the three score deficit, the Cody Broncs would hold to win the 3A state title game. It was the first time hosting the championship since 1991. The Broncs end the season 10-1 and are state champions for the first time since 2017. This is their third State Title in the last six years.

Caleb Pryor ended his year under center as quarterback on a great statistical day, going 5/8 for 140 yards and a touchdown.

The Broncs would end the game with just over 200 yards on the ground, with Nic Talich having 68 of those.

A great town supporting a great team on an even greater season. Your Cody Broncs are the 2020 3A state champions.






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