Coffee: A Gift to the World

Coffee: A Gift to the World

Written by on October 6, 2022

Coffee doesn’t discriminate, and you can enjoy it at any time and at any temperature.  When It’s cold out you can drink it hot, and if it’s hot out you can drink it iced.  Whether you drink it black or in a more stylized form, coffee is always there for us.


The obsession with coffee is almost cult-like.  With constant quotes of “not before my morning coffee” and “death before Decaf,” it’s clear that coffee is an obsession of many.

Well, the science explains that there are many chemicals in coffee that lends to its addictive properties, caffeine being the main one. Addiction is one of the top reasons people drink coffee every day. Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches and irritability, and many prefer not to give up their coffee.

But that “scientific” answer is boring and sends feelings that drinking it is somehow wrong or dangerous.

So, the correct answer to why coffee is number one is straightforward, it’s because it is a gift from the heavens that makes days a little brighter. (The millions of Farmers who cultivate coffee beans primarily by hand still. To bring a better product) When I think of coffee I think of the beginnings of a new day.  Waking up smelling the freshly brewed pot of brown gold drifting through the air.  telling you that the day will be just fine.

Coffee is also there to help you create bonds with people that you couldn’t manage another way.  Think of the endless love stories that came from a first date at a coffee shop (or at least in the movies).  It’s not because both parties were so interested that they wanted a second date.  It’s the coffee that made the moment feel more relaxed and allowed them to try a second date.

Of course, the beauty of coffee only gets better as you get older.  I personally dream of the days when I can live the life of retirement and become one of those elders that wake up and go to my local café every day and drink coffee with all my friends.

So, if you are a fellow coffee lover, raise your cup of joe and be grateful that you are one of the special “grounded” people in this world. That can tackle tasks at five times the speed of another.

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