Community Garden Makes Positive Impact on Worland Community

Written by on February 6, 2019

AmeriCorps Community Garden volunteer Kelly Ferguson gave a short presentation at Tuesday’s City Council meeting on the community garden and its impacts on residents in Worland.
Ferguson stated she saw 4 major areas of positive impact this summer at the community garden — which is located at Newell Sargent Park.
First — the positive impact on physical health and youth involvement. The health impact from both the aerobic physicality associated with gardening and the health benefits of the bounty that the garden provided — positively impacted many members of the community. Ferguson saw kids engage with vegetables they had never tried or even heard of before — and they even came to enjoy them.
Complete health encompasses more than just our physical well-being — it also includes our mental health. Ferguson stated second that the mental health boost provided to youth — adults — at risk persons and seniors was noticeable and impactful. She gave an example of someone who was at the Lighthouse facility in Worland. The now regular garden participant — first came non-voluntarily through Lighthouse. It helped replace the destructive habits in that person’s life — and replaced it with a positive and rewarding habit — gardening.
Thirdly — Ferguson pointed to the educational benefits provided to youth and adults alike. Not only about the plants — but also insects and animals. Caitlin Youngquist — UW Extension — added that each summer the University of Wyoming Entomologist — or bug expert — comes to the garden and gives a fun — engaging presentation to the youth garden contingent.
The final positive impact that Ferguson pointed to was connection. So many different people — from different walks of life — who would have never had the chance to meet — are now friends. She also pointed out that it is a great place to network with other Worland community members.
Other council business included the passing on first reading of the new snow and debris removal ordinance. Also resolutions 2019-1 and 2019-2 were both passed. For a full breakdown of the ordinance and resolutions, visit the city website at
Worland Mayor Jim Gill asked for the re-appointment of all department heads in their current positions. The measure passed unanimously. All department heads — during their reports — thanked the Mayor and council for their continued support.

Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash

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