Consultants Discuss Potential Lower Hanover Pathway Project in Worland

Written by on March 21, 2019

Y2 Consultants Patricia Ehrman and Brenda Ashworth gave a short presentation concerning the potential for a walking and biking path along the Lower Hanover Canal at Tuesday night’s Worland City Council meeting.
In 2003, local engineering firm Donnell and Allred drafted a Master Plan for potential projects along the Lower Hanover — according to Ehrman — things have changed since then. The proposed path would begin at Washakie Avenue– near Newell Sargent Park and run along the canal to Big Horn and South 15th Street. The plan is only in the exploratory phase — with no plans or funding currently secured for construction.
There are multiple positives around covering the canal and installing the bike and walking path. First, enclosing the Lower Hanover would eliminate the open water canals as well as the need for local bridges over the canals. Additionally — the installation of a pathway would allow residents, school children and other pedestrians the ability to navigate through town without having to cross major road ways. There is an additional school safety angle — which spurred the initial impetus for the pathway study — that would allow for school children to evacuate and use the pathway in case of an emergency evacuation.
At the end of the day money will need to be utilized to make this pathway a possibility and not just a pipe dream. Y2 Consultants mentioned that with the covering of the canals — some state funds could be available — as well as some school safety funds that could potentially be tapped to help cover some cost. Mayor Jim Gill added that another future 1 percent local tax could be utilized if this was something that the local citizenry wanted — but it would have to wait until the current road projects that are using the 1 percent funds are completed.

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