County Acquires Ace Hardware Building–Future Home of Washakie County Library

Written by on September 19, 2019

At Tuesday’s Washakie County Commissioners meeting–the owners of Ace Hardware–Lee and Gerry Kennedy–executed and signed a purchase agreement that will see Washakie County acquire the building in which Ace Hardware currently resides.
The county has made it known that the building will be remodeled to house an updated Washakie County Library. The Kennedy’s will take their business to a new location–the old Shopko Building.
Details of the purchase were given by Washakie County Attorney John Worrall. The purchase price of the main building is $525,000. With the signing of the purchase agreement–a 60 day clock began for Washakie County to decide if they will purchase a second building located behind the main building to the north. The price of that building would be $125,000 and would house some county entities. Worrall made it clear that no library funds would be used to acquire the additional space–as that would violate the terms under which the library tax funds were collected.
Both parties–the Kennedy’s and the Washakie County Commissioners–signed the purchase documents at Tuesday’s meeting. The deal is expected to close in early to mid-November.

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