County Commissioners and TSP Architecture Discuss Library Concept Tuesday

Written by on August 7, 2019

The Washakie County Commissioners held a conference call with TSP Architecture Tuesday morning–continuing a conversation on a concept design for the Washakie County Library.
TSP referenced their most up to date concept design w hen discussing the HVAC and electrical situations at the downtown location of the new proposed library. TSP felt good about the 800 amp service that is available at the location to help power the new library layout–some additional paneling may be necessary–but the current paneling does not need to be replaced. The commissioners noted–when discussing the upstairs portion of the building–that any upgrades there would fall outside the county’s current budgeting.
On the HVAC side–the building has 4 units currently for the main areas–TSP reported they found that the 2 units on the lower roof seem to be in working order–while the 2 units on the second story could need to be replaced or repaired. TSP indicated the addition of units or repairs would coincide with how “comfortable” the county wanted to make the building–in regards to ability to control temperature.
Making sure the building is up to code brought some other necessities to the surface. A fire sprinkler suppression system throughout the over 15 thousand square foot area would be necessary–and after discussions–it was seen as the most cost effective option.
Some changes concerning the concept design–including the moving of some bathrooms and altering of certain work spaces–including the Friends of the Worland library were discussed and will be addressed in an updated concept from TSP in future meetings. The commissioners closed out the conversation by asking for a best case/worst case scenario cost breakdown–as funds are limited.

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