DEQ Dumping Permit Raises Questions about Boysen Reservoir and Wind River Canyon

Written by on April 9, 2019

Former Hot Springs County Planner and resident has raised concerns about a potential Department of Environmental Quality permit for resource company Aethon Energry Operating LLC.
Per a report in the Northern Wyoming News — citing a article — the company is seeking a permit to discharge 8.27 million gallons a day of “produced water” from the Moneta Divide oil and gas field. The field is expected to expand to 4,250 wells.
The produced water would be discharged into Alkali and Badwater Creeks — which would carry the water to Boysen Reservoir, where it would be diluted. This is where Lee Campbell raises the alarm.
Campbell states quote, ““The Wind River Canyon is a Class 1 designation where no degradation is allowed. The Town of Thermopolis depends on that. We get our water from the river.” End quote.
He said he also has concerns about the increased concentration of pollutants making their way to irrigated fields. The Wyoming Outdoor Council and Powder River Basin Resource Council has requested a 60-day extension of the comment period. The Town of Thermopolis is seeking a 120-day extension to the comment period, the 30-day comment period that is currently in effect — expires April 17th.

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