Donation to Access Yes Opening Up More Public Access for Hunters and Anglers

Written by on August 28, 2019

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently received a $3,500 donation to support access for hunters and anglers through the Access Yes program. This donation comes from Quail Forever.
The donation will provide nearly 10,850 acres of access.
Access Yes is a program that facilitates the partnership between private landowners, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and hunters and anglers to create free public hunting and fishing access on private land and inaccessible public land. These include walk-in fishing and hunting areas, hunter management areas and other Game and Fish public access areas.
Funds donated to Access Yes can only be utilized to provide landowner payments in exchange for sportsperson access. The public can support Access Yes through donations when purchasing a license, either online or from a license selling agent.
This year, Access Yes is celebrating 20 years of partnering with landowners to provide public access opportunities. Currently there are 54 walk-in fishing areas, 379 walk-in hunting areas and 62 hunter management areas throughout Wyoming.

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