Elk Hunters Encouraged to Submit Blood Samples for Brucellosis testing

Written by on September 17, 2019

Wyoming elk hunters in brucellosis monitoring areas are urged to submit blood samples and other information about elk they harvest. As a thank you hunters will be entered into a raffle to win high-quality outdoor equipment. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department established the brucellosis raffle to encourage hunters to continue to submit samples.
Leading outdoor manufacturers and conservation organizations have donated equipment to the raffle to support brucellosis monitoring.
Brucellosis is a bacterial disease endemic in elk and bison throughout the area surrounding Yellowstone in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. A state/federal eradication program has almost eliminated the disease in cattle, but infected elk and bison pose a continuing threat.
Surveillance for 2019 will concentrate on the Bighorns and elk hunt areas that surround the eastern Designated Surveillance Area (DSA) border. Surveillance within the DSA will shift to the Cody area. Game and Fish is also monitoring the southwestern part of the state. About 9,000 kits will be mailed to hunters, arriving two weeks prior to the hunt area opening date.

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