EPA Requesting More Analysis and Information on Moneta Divide Field

Written by on July 18, 2019

The Thermopolis Independent Record reports that a formal letter from the Environmental Protection Agency concerning the Moneta Divide field may cause Aethon Energy to return to the drawing board concerning a proposed permit.
The EPA said the permit application lacks clarity as to how the technology-based effluent limits were developed and contains no analysis as to whether or not they comply with the federal effluent limitations guidelines.
The permit application must also include water quality based effluent limits for all pollutants and the EPA says it is unclear whether such an analysis was completed.
The EPA is asking for that analysis for pollutants used in all aspects of the drilling process and the degradation effects they may have for Alkali Creek, Badwater Creek and Boysen Reservoir.
The permit application cites a 2007 policy rather than the Antidegradation Implementation Policy previously reviewed by the EPA.
The EPA said they were not aware of the 2007 policy before the drafting of the permit and to their knowledge the policy has never been subject to public notice or review. Using the proper policy they believe the resulting effluent limits in the permit may result in degradation to water quality in the Wind River, which may not meet the State’s antidegradation rules for Class I waters.

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