Faculty Leadership Submit Resolution Criticizing UW Trustees

Written by on May 3, 2019

University of Wyoming faculty leaders are proposing a resolution that criticizes the school’s board for its silence on the decision not to renew President Laurie Nichols’ contract and calls on the trustees to provide an explanation, per an article in the Casper Star-Tribune.
The resolution, which will be debated and voted on at the Faculty Senate’s May 6 meeting, comes a month after the university announced that Nichols would become a faculty member when her presidential contract expires June 30. The board has repeatedly declined to provide any details about why the decision was made. Nichols has said she was caught off guard by the decision and has received no explanation from trustees.
The resolution calls the decision by the board to not give Nichols an explanation “inappropriate” and said that the silence would harm the school’s “ability … to hire top-tier administrators” while “adding to the public impression that the Board is secretive and arbitrary.”
The Faculty Senate’s proposal comes a week after the student government voted unanimously to support a resolution supporting Nichols.

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