FCC Commissioner Visits Park County

Written by on May 31, 2019

The Federal Communications Commission is listening to rural residents.

Commissioner Brendan Carr visited Cody and Powell yesterday as part of a larger tour to observe and address concerns about connectivity, broadband access, and maintaining the relevance of small market radio stations.

In an interview with KODI Radio yesterday, Carr said the Commission is working to provide better broadband access to rural communities.

Additionally, Carr said that maintaining the relevance of local radio is also a priority for the Commission. He says many of the regulations currently in place were set up over fifty years ago.

Carr said Wyoming is the 30th state the FCC has visited in the last two years with the intent to take a measure of the progress and challenges for businesses and residents, particularly in rural areas.


BHRN Photo – Brendan Carr with Legend Communications Owner Larry Patrick

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