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FEMA PIO Training in Cody

Written by on December 4, 2019

Several local professionals from various field and backgrounds came together to learn how to respond in the event of a crisis.

They were all participating in FEMA’s Public Information Officer Program, a two-day course in how to communicate information to the public and the press. Pat Gerdes, Managing Director of The Blue Cell LLC, a company specializing in emergency response education and training, say this is a great asset for local responders to learn the basics. Small, rural area rarely deal with the more aggressive media from large markets. There are specific strategies to employ so the public and press get the information they need and all the agencies responding to a crisis give the same facts.

Everyone will receive a certificate from this two-day course, and will then have the option to pursue more classes and training on how to be a public information officer. Gerdes says that the next step is to train more people, so more individuals in more agencies – including elected officials – can cover each other in a event someone isn’t in town during a crisis.

Many of Cody’s agencies and businesses who would be called upon in a crisis had representatives at the meeting. We can all rest easier knowing their expertise and skills have been augmented for the safety of our community.

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