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Fire Officials Fighting With Multiple Resources

Written by on July 24, 2017

Fire Management officials are using a variety of methods to fight the June Fire.
Hotshot firefighting crews this weekend established a “spike camp” on the northeastern corner of the Fire perimeter. Forest Service Officials say that having crews spike out in remote areas of the fire reduces both foot and vehicle travel time to and from the fire, which increases the amount of work that firefighters can accomplish in a day and reduces their risk of injury from walking miles over the steep and rocky terrain every day.
The Hotshot Crews and all of their supplies will be shuttled into the fire by helicopters into their spike camp several miles from any access point – and they will stay in that area as they continue to accomplish their mission of securing the north side of the fire.
271 people have been assigned to fight the June Fire in various capacities, including pilots dropping water by helicopter – on Saturday, Type 1, 2 and 3 helicopters flew 11 missions and dropped 51,000 gallons of water.
The “super scooper” planes had been called in and were prepared to draw water from Yellowstone Lake this weekend, because there was too much debris in Buffalo Bill Reservoir – however, as of yesterday evening, air operations staff on the June Fire informed the park that they do not intend to use the Lake as a water source and were releasing the water scooping planes from the incident.

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