Gas Prices Higher in the Big Horn Basin Compared to Rest of State

Written by on August 6, 2019

Wyoming drivers and tourists alike may be noticing varying prices at gas pumps across the Cowboy State.
While the average gallon of gas in Wyoming costs $2.42 per gallon–in Worland the average is closer to $2.80–in Thermopolis it is $2.82 a gallon and Greybull’s average gallon of regular fuel is $2.75. Big Horn Basin prices all vary around one another–but 90 miles to the northwest–in Cody–a gallon of gas come in about 25 to 30 cents cheaper at $2.50 a gallon.
A news release from March of this year from the National Association of Convenience Stores gives varying reasons for the changes both big and small in Wyoming.
The NACS points to fuel taxes and margins as players in the price differences. Margins and the cost of wholesale fuel is a driving factor for smaller towns like those in the Big Horn Basin. The larger the fuel purchase made–usually translates to a better wholesale price for the retailer. U.S. gas sales account for 61 percent of revenue dollars at convenience stores–but only 38 percent of profit dollars. As well–fuel that carries a major refinery brand name can increase the price per gallon. Competition–real estate price–location and seasons can also play a role in the price you pay for your fill up.

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