Get Out of Town and Explore Wyoming

Get Out of Town and Explore Wyoming

Written by on July 19, 2021

Sometimes it’s hard to take a vacation or a road trip. I was scrolling through google looking for ideas to write and all the sudden. Boom, an Abe Lincoln Monument is in Wyoming. So I continue to keep looking and find out, there are a lot of memorials and statues that I have never heard of or seen. 

Here is a list of monuments and statues that people might have never heard of that are in Wyoming!

  • Lincoln Highway Monument: The Lincoln monument is located at Summit Rest stop near Laramie Wyoming . Built in 1959 on I-80 (Lincoln Highway), the Lincoln Highway memorial was created in celebration of the 150th birthday of the 16th president of the United States. The bust of Lincoln made out of bronze was originally located on the highest point on Lincoln Highway before being moved to where it is currently at today. If you decide to travel east of Laramie by the Summit Rest Stop, Lincoln will be watching the highway.
  • Ames Brothers Pyramid: Located 20 miles east of Laramie. The pyramid was built between 1880 and 1882 dedicated to Oakes Ames and Oliver Ames JR. The two brothers were a huge part of the transcontinental railroad. The railroads would be moved away from the pyramid and sits all on its own.  
  • Sundance Kid: Sitting in Sundance, Wyoming. Sundance Kid (Harry A. Longabaugh) was a criminal in the old west. He did have connections to Old Trail town where he had a hideout located.  He and his family would flee to Argentina before a shootout was is end of his road. 
  • Tie Hack Monument: The Tie Hack Monument is west of Dubois, Wyoming. The memorial honors the generations of wood and river workers. Tie hacking was an important industry in Wyoming where workers would help cut lumber that would be used to produce railroads. The monument sits over an amazing landscape where the view creates a scenery that is hard to look away.

Get out of town and explore the great state of Wyoming.

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