Governor's Coalition Raises $1 Million for Wyoming Wildlife

Governor’s Coalition Raises $1 Million for Wyoming Wildlife

Written by on March 24, 2021

Once again, big game is big money for conservation as Governor Mark Gordon celebrates another million dollars raised to support Wyoming wildlife.

The Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition has finalized 2020 fundraising numbers and reports raising nearly $1.1 million for Wyoming wildlife conservation efforts. The funds were generated through the sale of the Wyoming Governor’s complimentary big-game licenses.

It’s a notable benchmark for the Coalition, with license revenues exceeding all prior years of fundraising. Since being formed in 2003, the coalition has raised over $9.8 million in conservation projects.

“The record amount of funding raised in 2020 is a clear indication of just how much people value Wyoming’s wildlife. I am grateful for the contributions from hunters for projects that sustain our state’s iconic species, as well as the organizations who put these funds on the ground,” Governor Gordon said.

Every year, several Wyoming-based wildlife conservation organizations come together to market and sell big-game licenses. These include five licenses each for bighorn sheep, moose, and bison and ten deer/elk/antelope licenses.

Participating conservation organizations include the Mule Deer Foundation, Muley Fanatics Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation.

When licenses are sold the revenue is solely dedicated to wildlife conservation, with 90% of the proceeds going back to the Coalition. The remaining 10% stays within the selling organization.

Governor Gordon refined the allocation in 2020 to cut administrative costs, resulting in the availability of an additional $110,000 to dedicate to important on-the-ground work and additional project funding for wildlife.

The Coalition allocates the funds for a variety of wildlife conservation projects through committees that focus on wildlife species-specific initiatives: elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, moose, and an all-wildlife committee. Projects are diverse, including habitat improvements, conservation easements, research, and projects to facilitate wildlife movements across roadways.


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