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Hot Take: Ice Cream Tastes Better In The Winter

Written by on November 9, 2022

Have you ever found it weird that, for some reason, people enjoy ice cream more when the weather is colder?

It doesn’t make sense. I always believed that ice cream was meant to “cool you off on a hot, summer day.”

After some investigation, many studies have concluded ice cream sales in the winter aren’t dropping as fast as people may think. Here’s why:

1. The Seasonal Flavors Come Out

With ice cream companies introducing unique flavors that go hand in hand with the holidays, many people get eager to try something new. One thing’s for sure, I am one of those people! Being someone who has a “sweet tooth,” I’m always in the mood to try a new combination of flavors, no matter how ridiculous it may sound. When it comes to Halloween, many flavors include favorites such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, or Snickers. Shortly after, Christmas comes around and we start to see flavors that include peppermint, eggnog, and apple.

2. Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt As Fast

The logic behind this is simple, the warmer the temperature, the faster the ice cream melts. Whether you’re purchasing it from the grocery store or your favorite ice cream shop, you can assure that there’s a good chance your ice cream won’t be leaving a mess.

3. It’s A Great Combo With Seasonal Desserts

There’s nothing more satisfying, than warm apple pie with a big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream. The same goes for pumpkin pie. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas, don’t be surprised if your favorite flavor of ice cream makes an appearance.

As a guy who worked his first job at an ice cream shop, thinking back to the days when the weather cooled down, didn’t mean it was time to close up shop until next summer. It meant it was time to capitalize on all of the unique and festive flavors that came with the seasons. So the next time you feel weird about craving ice cream in the cold, don’t worry about it! You are one of many!




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