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How to Handle the Heat

Written by on June 17, 2021

It has been hot lately. Like go crack an egg on the driveway and watch it cook type hot. The type of temperatures that make you think about the week in February that set record lows and want to go back.

This is at least more tolerable and expected in late July or August, but to have this happening in Mid-June is unprecedented and can put a damper on things from a mental perspective.

Let’s all try to stay positive, and more importantly, cool during these times where the sun chooses to punish us.

Here are some of the most efficient ways to keep cool:

  • Have AC – I have not followed rule #1 and I am PAYING for it currently. These other tips below have at least guided me along making it out alive without an AC unit. But if you have the option, get one and invite me over.
  • Light Clothes – This is not the time to break out the sweat pants and beanies. Find those tanktops, the thin shorts with not enough material for a normal day, and break out the flip flops. If you are a sandles or a croc person that will suffice as well.
  • WATER – H20 should be at the top of this list but here we are. We don’t drink enough water when it’s not 100 degrees outside so the water thing never really goes away. It is 12-15 cups a day for the average adult’s healthy water consumption and that number goes up when it’s hot.
  • Eat Smart and Light – This is where balance is key. Our bodies need nutrition but too much food will not only put us in the infamous food coma but also make our internal temperature increase. A hearty soup or pot roast may be options you want to steer clear of.
  • Use WATER – Not only should you be consuming water more frequently but also lathering yourself in it as well. I know I have been using bandanas for my dog and me that I get soaking wet and wrap around our necks.

If you are like me without any AC, cold showers are a necessity. The middle of the day is the hottest, and make sure and keep all of your furry friends nice and cool too!

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