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I’m Changing

Written by on April 2, 2021

Why is starting something so hard?

There are many answers to this question & every one of them is correct. It could be the lack of finances, fear of rejection/failure, life gets in the way, or the most common one: change is scary. Like many of you, I have lots of goals, projects & dreams sitting on the back burner that I hope to do someday, but haven’t done any of them yet. No, it’s not because I fear change. In fact, with my career, I learned very quickly that the only constant thing in radio IS CHANGE – So I’ve learned to embrace it, regardless if I agree with it or not.

In January, my family got hit with the Coronavirus & being in isolation made me realize that I needed to start accomplishing some of these things. One dream in particular, that I’ve put off for many years was traveling abroad, mostly because of money….and then life happened….and then kids….and the moving (You get the idea)

Last summer, a few months into the pandemic, I had this out-of-the-blue idea to book a solo trip to the UK – I know, crazy right? The world is getting its butt kicked by a virus & I book a trip, LOL!! Well, thankfully I’m 5 months out & my booking agency hasn’t canceled the trip yet – As of now, I still plan on going & I’ll share all of the glorious pictures with all of you, once I get back!!

I guess my point is, pandemic or not, if you want something to happen, you just need to take that first small, scary step. For me, it was booking my first trip abroad. Maybe for you, it’s moving to a new city, going on a blind date, starting up a business, or even traveling abroad.

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