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“I’m not picky, I’m just very selective!”

Written by on May 17, 2021

“I’m not picky, I’m just very selective!”

We’ve all heard these words at least once in our lives – They’re the words of hardcore shoppers. The ones who don’t stop until they find EXACTLY what they’re looking for. So what makes these types of people, so hard to please?

According to a new set of marketing studies, from Penn State University, selective shoppers are often unimpressed by free gifts or other gimmicks. Nor does peer pressure seem to influence them either. Their findings suggest that calculating customers already have an image of exactly what they are looking for before the hunt begins. This means it’s up to the savvy store retailer to pitch the product or service in a way that matches their mindset.

“It’s not just about offering the best products but offering the products that are best for the picky customers,” says the professor of marketing, Margaret Meloy.

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