Increased Outflows from Boysen, Flood Pools to be used

Written by on June 14, 2019

An article in the Thermopolis Independent Record reports that the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has requested an increase in water release from Boysen Reservoir.
In addition to the release–the US Army Corps of Engineers has also asked all USBR dams to utilize some of their flood pools to lessen flows downstream. This is in response to some of the worst flooding in history all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Using the flood pool is not outside of normal operations for the dam.
Increased inflows to Boysen have already seen the reservoir rise to 4,722 feet–the level at which Boysen is considered full is 4,725 feet. There is 7 feet of flood pool available–but once the water is stored there–the Army Corps takes over the water level and it will be up to their discretion to how quickly Boysen is lowered back to a more normal elevation.
The hope–according to Hot Springs County Emergency Coordinator Bill Gordon is that the releases will not effect recreation down stream with large outflows. Outflows of up to 9,000 cubic feet per second have been seen in years past.

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