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Infamous Cody Billboard Covered with “Anatomical Drawings”

Written by on September 2, 2021

Cody is buzzing with accusations after one of the region’s most controversial billboards is vandalized, sending a different kind of message to passing drivers.

For months, “Don’t California Our Cody” has greeted drivers along US Highway 14/16/20 heading in Cody. The prominent black billboard is on property owned by Ron Hill, who has been adamant that the billboard remains in place to communicate its message.

Since it was erected, the billboard has been a consistent source of discussion and controversy. While many applaud the message and sentiment, others feel it’s too much, sending the wrong message to the flood of summer tourists – many coming from California.

Now, it seems, someone has made their own prominent statement on the prominent billboard. And it has the community in an uproar.

An unknown party vandalized the Cody billboard, adorning the right side with several “anatomical drawings” in red spray paint.

The vandalism occurred sometime during the early hours of Tuesday morning. At this point, there are no suspects in the case.

This is the latest incident of billboard vandalism in Cody. An unknown party painted obscene words on a Right to Life billboard posted along the highway towards Powell in late July. That culprit has yet to be caught.

Cody is currently participating in the ExP.A.N.D. (Electronic Protection Amplified Night and Day) security camera program. As part of this program, businesses and homeowners can register their security cameras with the Cody Police Department at no charge. By doing so, local police officers will have access to those cameras during crime investigations.

There is no privacy invasion possible thru the program. Homeowners must opt in and register before law enforcement can access their camera’s images, and no personal information is shared with officers.

Even then, it’s unknown if the culprit, in this case, was even caught on film.

On social media, the prevailing sentiment is that this isn’t simple vandalism – it’s a political statement in the spirit of the billboard’s message.

Facebook posts from several residents blame “liberals” and “Californians” for the vandalism. Others are using the vandalized sign as a rallying point and call to action in the spirit of the billboard’s intended message.

You can examine the full public discourse on the billboard’s vandalism in the Facebook group Cody Chit Chat.

The City of Cody website includes an Anonymous Crime Tips page. This form allows residents and visitors of Cody to send anonymous crime tips directly to the Cody Police Department.

The one-page form includes everything from the kind of crime committed to suspect descriptions and vehicle information. Your contact information may be voluntarily included in this form but is completely optional.

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