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It’s Electric – Wyoming Ranks High on List for Economical Electric Vehicle Charges

Written by on August 15, 2022

Despite the hostility toward “going green,” Wyoming is one of the most economical states to top off an electric vehicle. – but low on the list of the best states to own one.

Zutobi, a website that offers driver’s education courses, researched the price of fully charging a Tesla Model 3 – currently the most popular E.V. on the market. From that information, the website complied a list of the most economical states for charging an electric vehicle.

That portion of the multifaceted list is determined by each state’s average electricity cost.

Charging a Tesla in Wyoming would cost around $4.14 – the fifth cheapest rate in the United States.

Louisiana – first on the list – has some of the cheapest electricity tariffs in the country. Oklahoma enjoys cheap energy tariffs because of the abundance of fossil fuels that generate most of its electricity.

Meanwhile, Idaho has some of the cheapest electricity in the nation. Most of that electricity is generated through relatively inexpensive and renewable hydropower.

  1. Louisiana – $3.76
  2. Oklahoma – $3.82
  3. Idaho – $4.00
  4. Utah – $4.14
  5. Wyoming – $4.14
  6. Arkansas – $4.16
  7. Nevada – $4.17
  8. Washington – $4.17
  9. Texas – $4.18
  10. North Dakota – $4.27

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However, Wyoming ranked 33rd on the list of the best states to own an electric vehicle.

An overall list ranked all 50 states based on the ease and practicality of owning an electric vehicle. The list gives each state and overall E.V. score best on four factors – charging station incentives, the number of registered E.V.s (as of 2020,) the number of overall E.V. vehicles (as of 2021,) and the cost to fully charge a Tesla Mark 3.

Wyoming has no charging station incentives and 330 registered E.V. vehicles – roughly 0.04% of all the vehicles in the state. Therefore, Wyoming has an E.V. score of 3.40.

For comparison, Washington tops the list with a score of 8.37. Washington has a $500 charging station incentive, and over 50,500 registered E.V.s – 0.70% of the vehicles in Washington. The cost to fully charge a Telsa Mark 3 is $4.17.

Zutobi shared other facts about electric vehicle ownership and popularity.

  • The U.S. offers the world’s most popular EV, the Tesla Model 3, at the lowest price, just over $39,000.
  • California has the highest proportion of E.V.s – more than 400,000 EVs registered in the state in 2020.
  • South Dakota has the lowest number of electric vehicles out of all states; only 410 vehicles are registered in the state.
  • California and Indiana have the best charging station incentives and offer motorists a rebate of $2,500 to install a charging station.


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