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It’s Over – Kanye West’s Primary Cody Property For Sale

Written by on October 12, 2021

The Monster Lake Ranch – Kanye West’s flagship property – is on the market for $11 million, complete with “monuments” of the rapper’s short-lived life in Cody.

The dream is dead. After two years and much speculation, Kanye West is fully abandoning his attempted life in Cody.

DBW Realty has a new property listed on their website: the Monster Lake Ranch. Called a “once in a lifetime” property, the 3,888-acre property has been listed for sale at $11 million.

Monster Lake Ranch DBW listing

Courtesy DBW Realty

For the last two years, the highly visible property along Wyoming Highway 120 has been the West Ranch – but no longer.

Just over two years ago, Cody was buzzing when Kanye West committed to purchasing the Monster Lake Ranch in September 2019. News of the sale was reported by TMZ, the New York Post, and Forbes magazine, placing Cody in the international spotlight.

This purchase was followed by a flurry of other purchases in and around Cody. Amongst them was 3202 Big Horn Avenue, a commercial property for West’s various enterprises. The intention was to eventually create an office and storefront for West’s extremely profitable Yeezy shoe and clothing line.

Two weeks ago, that property was listed for sale on the DBW Realty website. It was the first sign that West was offloading his Cody assets and moving on.

3202 Big Horn Avenue

Courtesy DBW Realty

Now, the DBW Realty website reads like the Book of Exodus, with nearly $15 million of West’s Cody property posted for sale.

With the Monster Lake Ranch up for sale, it’s the ultimate sign that Kanye West is leaving the West – and Cody – behind. It ends a short-lived but significant chapter of speculation and excitement, unlike anything else in Cody’s recent history.

Nevertheless, there are permanent signs of West’s presence in the area.

The DBW Realty website calls the Monster Lake Ranch a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, presenting it as an idyllic Wyoming property.

“Monster Lake Ranch is 3,888 acres with two freshwater trophy lakes. The once-in-a-lifetime property contains a BLM lease, equipment sheds, equine facility, livestock corrals, and hay meadows. The lodge, commercial kitchen, go-cart track, and trophy trout fishing bring commercial opportunities. The views of the sandstone cliffs and Absaroka mountains make it a premier Wyoming ranch investment.”

Not included in the Monster Lake Ranch description – but pictured in the listing – is a go-kart track. This was a West addition to the property, added specifically for his children’s use.

The most obvious monument to Kanye West’s time in northwest Wyoming is the massive earthwork along Highway 120.

West had heavy machinery build a sizeable berm along Highway 120 to increase the ranch’s privacy. Now, it will stand as the most visible reminder of the brief moment when Kanye West called Cody his home.

West’s other properties – including 3202 Big Horn Avenue – are still available for purchase on the DBW website.

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