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“It’s The American Dream Come True” Says Senator Barrasso of New COVID Vaccine

Written by on December 10, 2020

US Senator John Barrasso was marveled by the progress made in getting the COVID-19 vaccine administered saying that rather than what Democrats spewed about it being a “pipe dream,” Barrasso wants it to be known that rather its the American Dream come true.

Barrasso compared the vaccine to scientific success stories such as penicillin or the insulin discovery saying that, “we’ve gone from something that was felt to be impossible to something that truly is incredible, a 95% effective vaccine, 100% effective against death or hospitalizations. As a doctor, in terms of being able to save lives, this is right up there with the discovery of insulin or penicillin.”

The Senator added that Wyoming should expect 5,000 doses by the end of the week and that nationwide that number would be closer to 20 million by the end of the year.

“We need to get vaccinated, the vaccine is their and it’s effective” Barrasso said of the actual vaccine itself adding that their will be two initially approved and administered and that number will move up to six vaccines available.

Senator also said that “the worst is behind us” in his interview this week on Fox News.

Barrasso wanted to make sure and also say that it is still important to wear a mask and social distance mentioning the effectiveness as a barrier from the virus those two practices can serve as.

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