Juveniles Arrested for Vandalism, Thefts

Written by on June 25, 2019

The Cody Police Department feels they have successfully identified individuals responsible for a series of recent burglaries and vandalism incidents.

The Cody Police Department posted surveillance video on their Facebook page seeking the public’s help in identifying subjects from security camera photos.  Patrol Lieutenant Jason Stafford says there are now juvenile suspects who were identified through the video, and they are working on filing that information with the court.

On June 3rd at about 5:00 PM, two male suspects stole multiple items from both Walmart and Walmart’s Liquor Store in a grab and dash theft.   Other incidents in recent weeks included vehicles broken into, and a break in at a coffee kiosk.

Stafford says the department worked with several businesses on getting their video surveillance, which helped to nail down a time frame in which these incidents occurred.

Cody police currently can’t release names of suspects, since they are juveniles. They are still investigating some of the cases.

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