Kayaks and Canoes Must be inspected at AIS Checkpoints

Written by on May 3, 2019

As boating season apporaches, Aquatic Invasive Species check points will again be open and inspecting watercraft.
Kayaks and Canoes do need to be inspected just like any other watercraft. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department regulations and the United States Coast Guard, canoes and kayaks are considered watercraft. Many paddlers and other non-motorized watercraft users do not realize when they see an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) check station, it applies to them and they must stop.
Canoes, kayaks and other non-motorized watercraft are considered lower risk in comparison to a complex watercraft like a wakeboard boat or cabin cruiser; however, they can still harbor and spread AIS. When traveling with a canoe or kayak:
Transport them upside down when possible to allow any unseen water to drain. Allow inflatable canoes and kayaks to fully dry before rolling them up for transport. Remove all vegetation and take out any plugs.

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